Unique “senior” village of Triem Tay

From the ancient town of Hoi An through Cam Kim Bridge, we immediately meet the road along the creek of Ben Que to the village of Triem Tay. A cool green area appears next to the river port of the countryside. Under the lines of bamboo trees in the wind, the houses with the roof tile are hidden in the paths named Che Tau, Me Xanh …

About Triem Tay village

Triem Tay Village is one of the rustic and peaceful villages in Vietnam, known as the green oasis of Quang land. Triem Tay Village is located on the charming Thu Bon river surrounded by green bamboo lines in Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province.
First of all, to go to Triem Tay Village, tourists can ramble along the road from Nam Phuoc town, through Duy An, Duy Phuoc and to Duy Vinh communes to come to Cam Kim and follow the asphalt road to the village. Take this road, visitors will admire the vast rice fields and green field rush. When visitors go on this road, they will enjoy the vast rice fields and the green field.

Triem Tay Village via Du lich – Tuoi tre


Only three years ago, Triem Tay village (Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province) was in danger of being erased on the administrative map because of a severe landslide, thanks to an Vietnamese architect living in French who admired this beautiful village so he designed an ecological embankment to protect Triêm Tây before the big water. UNESCO and the International Labor Organization (ILO) jointly provided villagers with the skills needed to develop the sustainable community tourism. Like most of the Central Vietnam’s villages, Triem Tay only remains the old people because the young people go to the city. However, the foreign tourists are more interested in being guided by the elders.

The attraction of this old village

Our first destination was the house with the name of Thuy Ta Song Que. The entrance to the house along the small road grows many fresh green tea trees. The host at the age of over 60 welcomed the guests with sincere affection. With a sound voice of Quang Nam, she slowly introduced more than a dozen places specific to the culture, history of the village. A few years ago, Triem Tay was separated from Hoi An because of Cam Kim bridge. Therefore, in part, the village still retains its ancient structure with the ancient houses of Pho Ba, Muong Thanh Hoang Village, Phu Tho Pagoda, Soc Trang ‘s ancient well … Visitors come here in addition to studying the architecture and life in Quang Nam, also enjoyed the experience of weaving mats and visiting organic garden picking. The delicious dishes of indigenous Quang Nam are also made quite professionally.

Triem Tay village via ttttxtdl bến tre – blogger


Towards the end of the concrete road, we entered the three-room house where two of her grandmothers were dying. Before we had a couple of travelers are experiencing the feeling of sitting weaving. She said, in the past, each day, weaving mats only earned thirty thousand VND, now the travel helps her earn double or triple. Even, there were Korean customers after the purchase ordering more products to send to Korea as a gift. It is known that the people here learned the basic business travel, studied English and learned how to entertain guests. When the community cooperatives came into being, 25 households participated and especially the members were all over 60 years old. Co-operative groups are divided into food groups, folk groups, boat crews … The old men and women organized tours by themselves, self guided visitors, self-cooking as well as served other needs of the foreign guests so they seemed to be very interested. There are almost no days the village has no guests coming here.

Young Vietnamese tourists also start visiting Truc Tay on trips to Hoi An. The village has two tourist areas: Triem Tay and Me Xanh with basic food and drink services. Walking around the village to watching the children play on the river and adults carry the water, visitors feel the warm, close friendly of the people of Quang Nam.

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