Tourism trend of Tet Holiday 2018

On the Lunar New Year, many people instead of spending all their days off to go back to the hometown or stay at home, choose how to find a beautiful place with their family to relax and experience new interesting things. Here are some ideal places you can refer for the Tet holiday 2018.

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1. Travel in Vietnam

On the occasion of Lunar New Year in different parts of the country, there are many unique festivals if you want to learn culture, experience or go to exciting places on the Lunar New Year. The very quiet places are also available in the holiday of new year 2018.

Da Lat

If you want a place to rest after a year of hard work, Da Lat is a reasonable choice. Normally, the weather in Da Lat in January is sunny, the temperature is low and the rainfall is low, the average temperature in January is only 15.6 degrees Celsius.

The year 2018 is not the year of Da Lat Flower Festivel, but on the occasion, you still have the opportunity to see the beauty of many flowers because Da Lat is called the city of thousand flowers.

Cool weather with beautiful romantic space will give you the feeling of spring relaxation. It is a great experience for you and your family during the New Year.

Da Lat via Saigontourist


Sapa is no stranger to many people. Sapa is nice and the weather in the spring is warm, not cold as winter temperatures ranged from 10 to 15 degrees. The scenery of the North West Mountains is not only beautiful, but also peaceful. Sapa also has cafes with panoramic views of the forest.

Especially, if you go to Sapa in the spring of this year, you can also participate in special festivals of ethnic minority people.

  • The flute festival is usually held every spring in the public yard. At this festival, visitors can enjoy the folk dance and participate in interesting folk games.
  • “Tet nhay festival” is celebrated on the first or second day of lunar new year.
    This is an important festival prepared quite elaborately by Dao people in Ta Van. During the ceremony, there will be 14 dances performed by some young people to pray for a lucky new year.

Sapa via

Nha Trang

Maybe you think that going to the beach in summer is the best but going to sea in the cold season is quite interesting, especially in the beautiful coastal city like Nha Trang with nice space, blue sea, white sand and fresh landscape suroundings. Please consider this place in the new year holiday 2018.

If you rent a nice resort looking over the sea, your holiday is really perfect after a year of hard work. But if you like exploring, you can move with your family to the following places:

  • “Hon Mun Island” where there are beautiful coral ecosystems, bars floating on the sea. You can participate in diving to see coral reef.
  • “Ninh Van Bay” About 60km from Nha Trang city, you can also enjoy surfing and Kayaking
  • Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang: Founded in 1923 at No. 1, Cau Da, it is about 6km from Nha Trang city center. Here you will be spoiled for watching the marine life and freshwater organism collected over the years.

2. Travel in abroad


If you want to travel abroad this year, the beautiful French land is worth a visit because of scenic landscapes with peaceful villages of roses and fragrant lavender; the ancient palaces and great structures such as the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles. That is enough to visit this fascinating country, right?

Another reason to choose France is that you and your family should visit is the beautiful cities of Paris, Lyon, the peaceful Toulouse with the fields of roses, lavender or an immense vineyard.

France via


The country is 7,756km from Hanoi, a large country separated from other continents so the climate is different and more specific. The summer of Australia lasts from December to February of the next year. If you travel on the New Year which is the time of the summer in Australia, it is very suitable to avoid the cold winter in Vietnam on the occasion of this year and feel free to swim on the sea of Kangur country.

Unlike in Vietnam, the summer here is quite cool with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. It is the ideal weather to visit some famous landmarks such as:

  • Sydney Harbor brigde: Equally comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  • Sydney Opera House: A unique sail-shaped architecture
  • Melbourne City: Dubbed “the city worth living in the world”
  • Kangaroo Island: In Australia, do not miss a beautiful Australian icon “Kangaroo” and Kangaroo Island is considered as a paradise for kangaroos.

Australia via Wikipedia


If you want to watch the snow and love playing with the snow, Japan is an ideal choice. The weather of Japan on the Lunar New Year of Vietnam is relatively low average 2-11 degrees Celsius.

Japan has left the Lunar New Year, but the Japanese cities at this time are still shimmering. This is a period of heavy snow with snow covering northern and western Japan. At the end of January every year, Japan has many festivals such as: Festival of lights, Snow

Festival taking place throughout the country of Japan.

Japan via The Telegraph


In the introduction to tourism trends in 2018, we cannot fail to mention Singapore national economic development and tourism. The lion island owns a lot of shopping centers with a variety of goods and entertainment services.

As a small country with only one city but owns the modern and famous amusement, Singapore is also a shopping paradise and is the most beautiful and cleanest country in the world. . It is possible to list famous places such as:

  • Sentosa Island: Singapore’s fourth largest island, Asia’s largest leisure complex, incorporating a heritage center and a natural park.
  • S.E. Aquarium: Showcasing more than 100,000 marine organisms, 800 species and more than 20,000 coral species with up to 45 million liters of water.
  • Merlion Lion statue is a symbol of Singapore, so visitors always come here to shoot with the lion stone. The most beautiful scene is in the sunset and dawn.

Singapore via Vietravel

Nearly 2 months to the Lunar New Year is not early to plan for the whole family travel to Lunar New Year 2018. If this year you want to travel somewhere with family or friends, we hope that the above suggestions will be helpful for your choice.

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