To take beautiful pictures for Christmas at Takashimaya

The Christmas is coming soon, so if you have not had beautiful pictures to check-in Facebook or Instagram with your friends, come to Takashimaya right now.

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Takashimaya – the favorite place for those who love shopping

All Vietnamese who love shopping know about the reputation of Takashimaya shopping mall with a luxurious space, high-class good and thoughtful service in Japanese standards. Takashimaya is a famous brand in Japan with the history of more than 180 years. It operates in the field of high-class shopping mall specialized in serving for the customer with the middle and high income.

When coming to Vietnam, Takashimaya is located on the cross of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Le Loi, a good location in the center of Ho Chi Minh city. It has a wide space including 5 floors of Saigon Centre Building. With a modern design combined with elegant style and same color pattern which appears delicatedly after the glass, Takashimaya bring for customers a modern and classic feeling.

The interior also brings a comfortable feeling for visitors with a simple and gentle decoration. The booths are arranged reasonably to spend a wide moving area for customers.

Takashimaya targets to the segment of high-class customers who have an aesthetic delicate so the brands appear here are chosen carefully. The cosmetics, jewelries and high-class fashion as well as some brands first time presenting in Vietnam promise to bring for Vietnamese consumers the shopping experiences in international standard and customer services in the standard of Japan Takashimaya. We can refer to Runway – which concentrates on the favorite brands of pioneer modern women. It also decides to invest an art space in here.

In addition to high fashion items with a high applicability, Takashimaya also provides other services such as Beauty care, Spa and the culinary area which gathers many famous brands at home and abroad.

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Besides, Takashimaya Vietnam also has a private space to organize exhibitions, events and cultural programs. With this special thing, Takashimaya not only becomes an ideal placefor shopping high-class items but also is a space helping the tourists and local people to access the culture and enrich the sense of art. On August, 2016, this place occurred the art exhibition of displaying the excellent works in the competition of Takashiamaya Rose. The most sparkling and creative works were brighten in this exhibition.

People who have experienced shopping in Japan will be surely surprised with the profesional and delicated customer serving style. In Japan, in any shop both small and big, you will see the same serving style: warmly welcoming when the customers come, apologizing when the customers are not satisfied and say thanks whether the customers buy the product or not.  

With the motto “Improve but not change”, the group always tries to renew itself, at the same time, remains the good values, complete and develop the service quality over time. In Singapore and Japan where the competition is intense among high-class brands, Takashimaya is still famous as a brand with standard service, business identity and long-standing prestige.

Christmas atmosphere everywhere

The Christmas is coming soon so we can feel the Christmas atmosphere everywhere, especially in Takashimaya Vietnam shopping mall.

Takashimaya Vietnam is a new plaza in Saigon but its reputation cannot be denied. In the Christmas this year, Takashimaya makes people surprised with its luxurious and eye-catching decoration in royal style.

The familiar place of everyone is gradually decorated as majestically as possible. We can feel the Christmas atmosphere in everywhere of this shopping mall. With the theme “Lost in magic”, it is sure that when coming here to visit and take photograph, you will be really surprised.

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Takashimaya this year has the Christmas decoration in the theme of “Lost in Magic” with many cute animals to take the tourists to a magically fairy world. This place is really the paradise for taking beautiful photos in Christmas. However, it is also very crowded.

Many people, both young and old, even children come here to check-in. Do not miss the opportunity of admiring an amazing Christmas like in abroad.

Although it is very crowded at this time, do not take photographs outside only and come back home. Wandering inside this shopping mall, you will not miss any unique and beautiful background. Come here with your friends right now. Upstairing to the 6th floor, the tourists will see a mini garden with many green trees which are decorated by flashing lights.

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