The plum blossom blooming in the heart of Hanoi

In the cold weather of the days at the end of February, white and purple flowers are blooming on many the capital’s routes.

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The plum blossom – the beauty of mountains in the heart of the capital

In the northwestern region, in this occasion, the plum blossom begins to bloom in the forest. However, if you do not have time to travel to Northwest, you do not have to go far because in Hanoi, you also can view this flower.

The streets of Bac Son – Hoang Dieu, Nguyen Du – Truong Han Sieu, Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Nien, Tran Duy Hung, Tran Phu … are the places where many flowers bloom.

Many young women and colleagues spent some time dressing up Ao dai and photographing flowers blooming in Hoang Dieu street. Flowers here hatched a lot and may still be fresh until the end of this week if the weather is favorable and not heavy rain.

You should take advantage of the days of the week, because on the weekend, the number of tourists taking photograph with the flowers may be much larger.

The plum blossom in the Northwest has white and light purple colors. It blooms at the end of February to the beginning of March every year. The flowers not only attract young people but also impress the older people, make them stop to take pictures.

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The origin of the plum blossom road in Hanoi

Every year, when the flowering season is coming, the Bac Son Road and some routes have flowers attracting a lot of people to play and take pictures. But if you ask them about the origin, why this flower is grown in the capital, maybe few people know.

Disclosure of Doan Duc Thanh Architects along with his photographic beam will explain to you why Hanoi has such beautiful flower streets.

The exact reason that flowers were brought to plant in Hanoi is that by responding to Uncle Ho’s tree-planting festival in the early 1960s. The urban planners had planted trials in some roads, parks, and lakes such as Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi.

The trees are well-developed and beautifully planted, so they have been planted in Bac Son Road, in front of Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum and in some new urban areas.

The beauty of flowers makes many people when having the opportunity to visit Bac Son Road cannot resist taking pictures or simply sitting and enjoying the mountain landscape in the heart of Hanoi.

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Where you can see the best plum blossom in Hanoi

The Bac Son Road area every February and March is the most famous and the most visited place because there are two rows of Northwest flowers grown thickly and hatchedly. Bac Son road adjacent to Hoang Dieu is a short road in front of Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum and there is Monument to Heroes of Martyrs.

Many people in the beautiful costumes come to the Bac Son road to have souvenir pictures with flowers from the northwest. A corner of Nguyen Du street is brightened by cold weather early in the year thanks to the Northwest.

Nguyen Du street, along the banks of Thien Quang lake is a route growing many flowers which are bright purple bloom. The wide sidewalk with many benches is ideal for both shooting and leisure walks. The flower originates in southeastern Asia, from southern China extending to the west of India. Usually referred to as plum blossom, however, because of many species of the same name which is also called the plum blossom, it should be called according to its flower color, such as white plum blossom, pink plum blossom, and purple plum blossom.

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