Peaceful Cau Dat tea hill

Running on the road with the pine forest in two sides, inhaling the air of Da Lat in the morning, you will find the life suddenly calm.

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Cau Dat tea hill – a peaceful attraction in Da Lat

About 25 km from Da Lat city center, Cau Dat tea hill is a favorite destination for many young people in the misty city. In addition to admire the tranquil and majestic scenery of tea hills and nurseries cover up to 220 hectares. An interesting experience for tourists when coming to Cau Dat is the soul of the murmur of the pine forest on the path leading to this place.

In the morning light, when the first rays of sunlight shone through the mist, through the canopy of the earth to become fresh and full of vitality. Da Lat is the most beautiful when just waking up after a long night. Coming here, once you try to get up early to glide on the romantic streets of the suburbs. The purity of the earth and sky will illuminate the soul and the ego of the pilgrims.

The road to Cau Dat is not too far, only about 25 km, this is a beautiful road and quite easy to walk. In addition, the scenery along the road is very romantic with the forest pine. It can be said this land is nice and gentle, but still put on the wild look, urge people to explore.

Traveling to Da Lat, do not rush to travel all the places other tourists often go, please try to rent a motorcycle, conquer the streets of the suburbs, you will feel the sharpest beauty of this sweet dream country.

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If you love the bustle of coastal cities or the crowded commercial centers, Da Lat is definitely not for you. Da Lat is always beautiful in the eyes of dreamers. Sit down, lean back on an old pine tree to hear the whisper of the wind, inhale the smell of the throne of pine resin filling in chest. At that time, you can enjoy the beauty of this place in the most complete way.

People come to Da Lat, then love Da Lat naturally. Da Lat is dreamful from the wild flowers growing along the road. In the thin mist, Cau Dat is more beautiful than ever, the green tea hills that follow each other to the horizon.

Cau Dat Tea Hill is another name of Cau Dat Farm tea enterprise located in Truong Tho village, Xuan Truong commune, Da Lat city. With the majestic scenery, this poetry is the point which is loved by a lot of visitors. However, in the pristine morning, this place is more beautiful and peaceful than ever.

Coming to Cau Dat in the magic moment of the new day, visitors can drop the soul by the wind, enjoy the fresh air of the countryside.

Dive into the natural setting where you can forget all the bother of life, forget the noise of the city, filled with energy for a beautiful new day.

Best time to visit Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat tea hill is the most beautiful in the last months of the year, when the weather in Da Lat will be cold and cloudy, more fog which will make the landscape of tea hill more miraculous. And the appropriate time of day is early morning or late afternoon. At this point the sun shines will create a beautiful scene.

Time and way to visit the tea hill

  • Cau Dat tea hill is open free of charge to all subjects and all times.
  • You do not need to contact or book in advance to visit the tea hill.
  • The road in the area of ​​tea plantations are covered with concrete and the 45-seat vehicle is accessible. But if you ride a 45-seat car, you should park it outside and walk inside because turning inside is very difficult. If your car has less than 29 seats, you can go straight inside.
  • Two golden time to visit Cau Dat tea hill is in the early morning, before 9am and in the afternoon from 16h to 17h.

How to go and transportation to the tea plantations in Da Lat

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About 20km from Da Lat market to Cau Dat tea hill, you will take about 30 minutes to go to tea hills by motorbike, if going by car can shorten time. I suggest 3 ways you can go from Da Lat to Cau Dat tea hill. The order is arranged under 3 criteria: convenient, safe and economical.

Rent a motorbike

You should rent a motorcycle, the price range is 90,000 VND/day and remember that the car is still good. With a motorbike, you can go two people and it is very convenient to stop for a rest, eat or take a beautiful moment along the way. It is easy to save and very comfortable.

Hire a car

If only go to the tea hills, the price of 500,000 VND for a 7-seater, covered cars, drivers and parking fees … More importantly, the travel carriers usually play the role of professional guides. The advice is to add 300,000 to 400,000VND for this trip to get more points all day.

Hire a Taxi

If you just go to the tea hill and back, you should rent a taxi. As you know, taxi drivers are very principle and if a few more points arise, the taxi rental cost will be much higher than renting a private car.

Take the bus

One possible but unrealistic option is to take a bus. This option in my opinion, you should not choose because in fact, the bus in Da Lat is running out of time and if not catching the car and having to wait for a long time, you will lose the excitement to visit.

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