Check-in the beautiful and free “Pink grass festival”

If you are planning to travel to Da Lat, do not forget to choose the period of the first pink grass festival which is absolutely free in Da Lat, to take beautiful pictures.

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Da Lat Pink Grass Festival

Recently, the People’s Committee of Lam Dong province has approved the policy of the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism to organize the program “Da Lat Pink Grass Festival 2017“. This festival will be held at Pink Grass Hill – Lake Dan Kia – Suoi Vang from 24/11/2017 to 04/12/2017. Especially, the Da Lat Pink Grass Festival 2017 will welcome all participants free of charge.

Da Lat Pink Grass Festival 2017 is considered one of the typical activities directed to the Da Lat Flower Festival Seventh which will be held in Da Lat city in late 2017. This festival to introduce the unique “pink grass” of the city of thousand flowers.

According to local people, the pink grass has been presented in this area for a long time, but in just a few years, the cameramen who love the nature in Da Lat have saved many pictures and broadcasted them through newspapers, network for the local and foreign tourists to know. After that, self-propagating tours to Da Lat are organized to enjoy this grass species in the end of November – early December every year.

Pink grass festival via Ky Nguyen tourist

The Da Lat Pink Grass Festival 2017 includes such activities as the pink grass photo club for provincial photography clubs and professional photographers, the selfie moments program for Young people by phone, pink sunday program for married couples in 2017 or couples who prepare wedding in 2018 and want a beautiful wedding photo album with pink grass, flower paradise for visitors with 10 major scenes and 20 minor scenes.

There are also other interesting activities such as the horses in meadow, admiring the moonlight on the pink grass, yoga on the snow grass and picnic night for camping in meadow.

Admire the beautiful pink grass as a picture in Da Lat

Da Lat is known as the “paradise” for tourism. This place is not only attracted by the beautiful white raspberry festival, the golden sown festival or the brilliant buckwheat fields, but also attracts visitors by the picturesque pink grass hills.

Da Lat is a city that is blessed with natural beauty, with mountainous hills, waterfalls and attractive pine forests. Especially, there are many species of flowers blooming throughout the year, among them we cannot miss mentioning to the species of grasses – pink weeds with a little purple flower which have lured many people who love flowers also love the nature of Da Lat.

Since 2013, some members in Da Lat group of amateur photographers, including members Dang Van An, Vo Trang, Nguyen Tat Thang, Nguyen Trong Bao Toan, Thanh Thuy have saved many beautiful moments of the pink grass.

In order to promote the image of the pink grasses to the lovers of nature, Lam Dong Cultural Center in collaboration with the members of the Da Lat Amateur photographer group selected 40 works, in thousands of pictures taken in 5 years to debut visitors on the occasion of September 2nd, with the message “Please cherish and protect the natural landscape“.

Pink grass festival via Live Channel

The area of ​​the pink grasses growing most in Da Lat

Da Lat now has two areas appearing the most beautiful pink grass that is in the Golden Stream area into the gold valley area and Thai Phien flower village.

Where are the pink grass hills? How to go to the grass hill?

In our experiences, the grass in the area of ​​the golden spring is the most beautiful, if you do not know the way to travel for the first time, then can refer to the road in the introduction article about The Golden Valley Resort of Dalat Travel.

Well, one thing that you should know is the end of the year in the dream city also held a festival of cherry blossom which is very attractive. If you are a fan of the Flower Festival, you cannot miss it.

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