Where to eat famous local specialties in Da Nang (P1)

Coming to Da Nang, if you want to enjoy delicious dishes but do not know where to eat, save the following addresses right now! Being the trade place between 2 regions: North and South in term of goods, economy and cuisine, the culinary in Da Nang is very plentiful with many different versions in order to be harmonious with climate, environment, culture and people in here. Through this, dishes in Da Nang create a unique feature in this land.

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Cao lau

Being different from Quang noodle, Cao lau only has a recipe: the noodle processed complicatedly, the meat sliced thinly, vegetables and the broth create a famous Cao lau.

  • Cao lau Ly: 267 Thai Thi Boi street, Thanh Khe district, a restaurant with a long time tradition of cooking Cao lau in Hoi An. The space is clean and wide. The price is from 15,000 to 22,000VND.
  • Hoai pho: 255 Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Hai Chau district, the price is 25,000VND/bowl.
  • Cao lau Nhung: K87/29 Nguyen Van Linh street, Hai Chau district, a popular eatery with clean space and the price of 20,000VND.

Bun mam nem

Bun mam nem

Bun mam nem is simply Bun (noodle) and mam nem (Nem sauce) as well as other ingredients. However, the attraction of this dish is the sauce which is made from many types of fishes and some spices including garlic, chili, sugar and pineapple. With a little cool water, all elements are mixed together to create an amazing dish.

  • Bun mam nem Mr Thuyen: K424/03 Le Duan street, Thanh Khe district. The sauce here is made from mackerel. The restaurant is clean and located in the city center at the price of 20-33,000VND/bowl. It opens from 06:00 to 18:00.
  • Bun mam nem area in Tran Ke Xuong road: this area has been famous to Da Nang locals, especially young people for a long time. In the afternoon, many people come here to enjoy Bun mam nem. Bun mam in here is famous for its delicious and stranger taste of Sauce.

Goi ca Nam O

Goi ca Nam O has a strong flavor of the sea. There are 2 types: dry and wet fish salad which is made from herring caught in the early morning, subtracted fishy by the mixture of salt, water and vinegar and other ingredients to strengthen the delicious taste of this dish.

  • Restaurant 972: 972 Nguyen Luong Bang road, Lien Chieu district. The price is from 50,000 to 100,000VND.
  • Goi ca thanh huong: 1029 Nguyen Luong Bang, the average price is from 70,000 to 80,000VND/serving.
  • Goi ca Sau Hao: 232 Tran Cao Van, Thanh Khe district, the price of fish salad in here is 80,000VND/plate, enough for 2 people.

Be thui Cau Mong

Be thui Cau Mong (Cau Mong Rare beef)

Be thui Cau Mong is also called bo tai Cau Mong (Cau Mong rare beef), a famous specialty like Quang noodle which the tourists have to try at least once when coming to Da Nang.

  • Be Thui Cau Mong Ngoc Lan: 895 Ngo Quyen, Son Tra district. The eatery has delicious dishes with a reasonable price. It is famous in Da Nang which attracts many tourists.
  • Be Thui Cau Mong: 100 Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe district, the rare beef in here is very soft and the price is 50,000VND.
  • Be Thui Cau Mong Que Son: 224 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hai Chau district.
  • Be Thui Cau Mong Loi: 12 Ngo Thi Nham, Lien Chieu district.
  • Lan Lan quan: 16 Le Dinh Duong, Hai Chau district, the price is 50,000VND.
  • Be Thui Cau Mong Huynh De: 14B Pham Van Dong, Son Tra district.
  • Be Thui Kim Chi: 490 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau district.

Banh xeo, nem lui

  • Mrs Duong eatery: K280/23 Hoang Dieu street, Hai Chau district. It opens from 16:00 to 22:00. The average price is from 20,000 to 55,000VND.
  • Mrs Hoa eatery: 270 Be Van Dan street, Thanh Khe district. It opens from 15:00 to 22:00. The average price is from 15,000 to 50,000VND.
  • Ms Muoi eatery: 23 Chau Thi Vinh Te, Ngu Hanh Son district. It opens from 15:00 to 19:00. The average is from 5,000 to 15,000VND.
  • Banh xeo tom nhay Ms Ba: 248 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau district. It opens from 10:00 to 22:00. Theaveageprice is from 20,000 to 40,000VND.

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