9 characteristics in Vietnamese culinary culture

In the culinary culture of Vietnam, there are many different ways of processing, performing, expressing, can be generalized into 9 characteristics below.
A characteristic more or less distinguishes Vietnamese cuisine from some other countries: Vietnamese cuisine focuses on delicious food but sometimes does not set the first goal is to eat healthily. Therefore, in the system of Vietnamese cuisine, there are not many fancy dishes like in Chinese cuisine, as well as the taste of the high aesthetic as Japanese cuisine, but in favor of coordination ingredients to enjoy, though not really nutritious (such as bamboo shoots, chicken wings, animal organs…).
In fact, many people find that, sensationally, Vietnam’s culinary characteristics emerge in comparison with other cuisines in the world: Chinese food is nutritious, Vietnamese food is delicious and Japanese food look eye-catching. However, this feature is increasingly fading during integration.

1. Diverse variety

Vietnamese people easily absorb the culinary culture of other ethnic groups, other regions from which to process their own. This is also the highlight of our cuisine from the Northern cuisine to the Southern cuisine.

2. Less fat

Vietnamese dishes are mainly made from vegetables, fruits, and tubers, which are low in fat, do not consume as much meat as Western ones, and do not use as much oil as the Chinese dishes.

9 characteristics in Vietnamese culinary culture

3. Strong taste

When processing food, Vietnamese people often use fish sauce to wedge, combine with a lot of other spices … so the food is very strong. Each of the different dishes has the corresponding sauce to suit the taste.

4. Combination of many substances, many tastes

Vietnamese dishes usually include many kinds of foods such as meat, shrimp, crab along with vegetables, beans and rice. There is also the synthesis of many tastes such as sour, spicy, salty, sweet, fatty …

5. Delicious and healthy

The phrase “delicious and healthy” has wrapped up the spirit of Vietnamese food. Vietnamese cuisine is a combination of dishes, to create their own characteristics. Cool food such as duck meat, snails are usually prepared with warm spices such as ginger, lettuce … It is a very interesting way to balance the yin and yang, only the Vietnamese have.

6. Use chopsticks

Picking is an art because you have to pick skillfully, not too tightly to fall your food … Vietnamese chopsticks are present in every family meals, even when roasting, the Vietnamese also use less fork to skewer food as a Western family.

7. Communities

The community is very clear in Vietnamese cuisine, whenever there is a bowl of fish sauce in the meals, or in small bowls from the same bowl.
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8. Hospitality

Before each meal, Vietnamese people often have the habit of inviting. Invitations to express communication, affection, hospitality, respect for others …

9. Arrange in the tray

Vietnamese people have the habit of making ready meals: all dishes are brought at a time rather than in the West each dish will be brought gradually.

9 characteristics in Vietnamese culinary culture

Vietnamese cuisine is the call of the dish, the principle of spice blending and the general eating habits of all Vietnamese in Vietnam.

Although there is little or no difference, Vietnamese cuisine still contains the most general meaning to all the popular foods in the community of minorities but relatively popular in the human community.
The spirit of the Vietnamese in culinary culture is a beautiful expression in the culture of communication, the behavior between people in the meal, to please each other through the attitude of gentle behavior and education . Eating has its own rules, habits, personalities, family, and social relationships.
Culinary culture is the natural culture formed in life. Especially for the Vietnamese, food is not only a cultural material but also spiritual culture. Through the cuisine one can understand the culture expressing human dignity, the cultural level of the nation with the rules and customs in the way of eating …

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