Discover the menu of milk tea at TocoToco Phan Xich Long (Ho Chi Minh City)

Not only delicious milk tea, TocoToco 280 Phan Xich Long, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City also has super “shock” promotions – the first 300 cups of milk tea at the price of 9,000 VND for the first customers on the occasion of opening. Are you ready to enjoy? Do not forget, the program only takes place from 31/08 – 06/09/2017!

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Delicious drinks

Talking about milk tea in Hanoi, we cannot miss the famous brand TocoToco. Founded on November 12, 2013, over the course of 3 years, Taco Trading and Service Co., Ltd. has developed at a rapid speed which demonstrates the expansion of a chain of more than 50 branded branches bringing “TocoToco” throughout the country. TocoToco – Vietnamese brand with Taiwan flavor but still the essence of Vietnamese cuisine thanks to the careful study of the taste, culinary culture of the region.

The quality of products and services is always a top priority and a vital guideline for TocoToco. It is not natural that “TocoToco” is crowded with diners like Ha Thanh’s favorite and in turn attracts crowds of young people throughout the country. Starting from the heart, with the desire to bring the best quality products and to ensure the health of our customers, TocoToco always choose the best raw materials with clear origin and quality inspection. The process of processing is strict, uniform throughout the system, ensuring hygiene while retaining the natural flavor.

Although having been opened in recently, with the true milk tea flavor, TocoToco conquered the customers by its delicious milk tea. And now, from a drink for the young, TocoToco has crept into the office, becoming a must drink of both adults and middle-aged. That way, if you visit TocoToco during “outside of office hours”, you will easily meet the customers of all ages enjoy a glass of tea.

TocoToco milk tea via Meete

Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, TocoToco Phan Xich Long brings the taste of milk tea in Hanoi and certainly makes many people fascinated. The drink here is tasty, not too sweet and has the featured flavor of tea.

Especially, for those who love the pearl jelly, they are sure to be completely knocked down by this type of topping in TocoToco Phan Xich Long because the pearl jelly is made from 100% pure cassava starch, soaked with honey to taste. It cooked at a certain temperature, in a time that can not be more standardized. It becomes tough, flexible and not as dry as the jelly of many other places. When enjoying the pearl jelly, you will feel the smell of scented aroma at the tip of the tongue.

Not only true tea and milk taste, TocoToco Phan Xich Long also conquered the guest by his extremely rich milk tea menu such as Hokkaido milk tea with caramel, vanilla aroma with fat milk and Chocolate milk tea with slightly bitter taste, Three brothers milk tea and Panda milk tea with flavored milk.

Besides the delicious cups of milk tea, TocoToco also has “drinks” restored beauty for women. These are: Pink tea with Strawberry Blueberries, Pink tea with Strawberry and mango or Green Tea with Kiwi and Lemon … With its rich collagen and vitamin C content, this drink is the saftey for many women who are “hunting for “The formula brings a youthful and beautiful look.

Impressive architecture

TocoToco milk tea via Kenh 14

Located on the busy Phan Xich Long street of Saigon, TocoToco also attracts customers by impressive architecture, attracting the eye. With a modern, yet luxurious design, this place is the hottest check-in place in Saigon for young people.

Going to TocoToco Phan Xich Long on a tired day, just taking a sip of milk tea, all the senses are awakened and the body is refreshed. At this time, by the windows of the shop, watching far away, watching the flow of people hurriedly, we suddenly feel peaceful strangely.

In September, on the occasion of the opening, TocoToco 280 Phan Xich Long also offers you the first 300 cup of milk tea at the price of 9000 dong. However, for other customers, the shop still has another promotion, which is to buy 1 get 1 free milk tea. In particular, this promotion lasts throughout 7 days so you and “co-workers” can enjoy milk tea without worry about price. Hurry up because the program only from 31/08 – 06/09/2017!

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