8 unforgetable Quang Nam delicacies

The cuisine of Quang Nam is not luxurious at all, but familiar and simple. Let’s discover 8 famous specialties in Quang Nam which you will remember forever although you only try them once.

>>Central cuisine – Attraction of cultural flavor

Quang noodle

Quang noodle is dubbed as the food keeping the soul of Central cuisine. Unlike Pho or Hu Tieu, the broth of Quang noodle is specially cooked. For good noodles, the soup must be very rich, not too salty, not tasteless and enough to make the noodles are soaked. There are many types of Quang noodle such as chicken noodles, egg noodles and pork pie noodles.

When the bowl of Quang noodle is brought out, you will be attracted by the green of lettuce, yellow boiled egg, shrimp red, brown of chicken pieces … Do not forget to mix all ingredients and squeeze more lime juice, for a few slices of chili to the ingredients.

Cao lau

Speaking of dishes in the ancient town of Hoi An, no one can skip Cao lau. It is not difficult for us to see old eateries, stewardesses and the “Cao lau” in the door menu. Cao lau has long been mentioned as the typical food contributing to the soul of the cuisine which still lingers old stature of Hoi An.

Unlike Quang noodles, Cao lau has a very special flavor from noodles to broth. Wheat noodles of Cao lau are thick, crispy and dark yellow; the broth and meat has a strong flavor.

Cao lau via Di an nhe

Nem nuong

Normally, visitors to Quang Nam – Da Nang tourism will be less aware of this specialty. However, as the original Quang person, everyone knows the specialty Nem nuong. When Nem nuong is cooked on the charcoal stove, the banana leaves are burned to scent very attractive, but the excess fat in Nem makes the fermented meat look very attractive.

Banh to

Banh to looks like a bowl covered with banana leaves. The cakes come in a variety of colors such as ivory white, coffee milk or brown, and above are covered with a thick layer of sesame. The best way to make enjoy Banh to is to grill or fry with some pig fat.

Don Porridge

This is a folk food often used by the people of Quang Nam for breakfast. Porridge contains only water, onions and tiny Don. When eating, diners will cut crispy rice rolls into small pieces and then put into the hot bowl. In addition, fried or dried don soup is also popular because of the special taste of the Don.

Ram tom (Shrimp spring rolls)

When referring to Ram or spring rolls, people often think of the combination of ingredients such as meat, shrimp, carrots, potatoes, dried noodles, mushrooms … However, the ingredients to make Ram tom are very simple including only thin rice, shrimps and fatty meat. Then it rolls up into rolls.

The eye-catching yellow Ram filled with meat and shrimps inside are wrapped with Dai Loc rice paper, raw vegetables and sweet and sour garlic chili sauce. It will be a promising dish.

Ram tom via Cho Moto

Banh trang dap (Baked rice cake)

This is a simple, inexpensive dish that contains all the delicacy of Quang cuisine. From rice paddies, fish sauce to noodles, all of them are carefully made and all originated from Quang Nam, from the hands of the farmers here.

Nem sauce is the sauce for this folk food. Nem sauce is a delicious fish sauce with peppers, garlic, lemon, sugar, a bit of reducing oil with onions … and especially Hoi An chili sauce to have a true flavor.

In the rural areas of Quang Nam such as Dien Ban, Dai Loc … people in the countryside like to eat thicker rollers (over 30 cm), some people bring to the field to eat in the break time before continuing working.

Banh trang cuon thit heo

The soul of this dish is in vegetables and fish sauce. Vegetables should be taken from the famous Tra Que vegetable village; The sauce must be pure fish sauce mixed with the secret to have a delicious sauce.

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