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Hu Tieu

Referring to Hu Tieu, we cannot miss Hu tieu sa te of Chinese people. The Chinese people from Trieu Chau only talk the recipe for their children, so it is so hard to find a shop selling this dish in here. It is so wonderful if you have the opportunity to enjoy a bowl of Hu tieu sa te. Its attractive smelling of this dish really makes you cannot resist. Hu tieu of Chinese people is soft and as big as Pho in the northern region. It is served with the broth including sour, spicy, greasy, salt and sweet tastes. When enjoying, the diners can eat Hu tieu sa te with beef and deer meat and a little roasted peanut, so attractive.

The popular place for this dish is Quang Ky shop with the history of more than 50 years with the true Chaozhou flavor at 117 Trieu Quang Phuc, Ward 11, District 5. Besides, you can find some other places such as Hu tieu sa te nai To Ky, Hu tieu sa te Cao Van Lau.

One more version of Hu tieu is Hu tieu ho. This stranger name is sourced from Tieu people. Different from Hu tieu sa te or Hu tieu in the western region. The noodle in Hu tieu ho is square and thin. It is served with pickled vegetable, the stomach, tounge and blood of the pig. To enjoy Hu tieu ho with its true flavor, you must go to the address: the corner of Go Cong – Gia Phu street (District 6). The shop opens after 12 a.m at a very reasonable price of 25,000VND/bowl.

Hu tieu via The Christina’s blog 

Chao Tieu

As one of the featured dishes which are still kept the original taste by Chinese people, Chao Tieu also includes the ingredients like in ChaoLong of Vietnamese, but they are different in the way of processing. The pig organs serving with thí dish are not cooked at the same time with the porridge. When the customer orders, the chef will boil them in a small bowl with the white porridge.

When seeing the hot bowl of porridge, you will feel the natural sweet taste from pig organs combinated with the good smell of the white porridge. Add squid, mushroom, green onion, peper, ginger and chili to strengthen the flavor of this dish. Especially, chicken egg and Gio chao quay are indispensable ingredients for Chao Tieu. You can easily find Chao Tieu at any corner in Chinatown, but if you want to enjoy the best Chao Tieu with its true flavor, you can visit Chao Tieu co Ut in Ban Co market (District 3) with the history of 70 years.

Racket coffee

Racket coffee via Dia diem – Dia diem du lich – Dia diem vui choi

The racket coffee or “Ca phe kho” in Vietnamese is the way of making coffee sourced from Chinese for a long time ago in Saigon. It is also considered as the simplest way of processing of Chinese people in the past. Unlike the traditional coffee, the racket coffee has a unique feature. As its name, the special thing of this coffee is that it is made in a cloth racket and boiled by a clay pot. The making process is not too complicated but you have to pay attention to each step. The coffee powder is put into a cloth racket with the boiling water. After that, the coffee is poured into a small clay pot and boiled at the low temperature. This step will make the coffee always hot as well as make it stronger and more delicious.

At present, in Saigon, there are 2 shops still keeping this processing method in more than 50 years. You can visit Mr Thanh’s racket coffee shop which is located at Valley 313, Tan Phuoc road next to Thiec market (District 11). Any one coming to this coffee shop can easily recognize the ancient Chinese architecture in the house. In the small kitchen where Mr Thanh makes the coffee, the smoke from the coffee pots on the wood stove makes the house cozy and familiar. With some wooden chairs and tables, the small old cup of coffee with a little milk makes the customers coming here undergoing heart with the daily life.   

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