10 delicious dishes in Cho Lon, Saigon (P2)

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Mi keo

The fresh Mi keo is made right in front of the customers on the traditional cart of Chinese people which we often watch on the television, still exists in the real life. This is also one of the delicious dishes you must try in Chinatown, Cho Lon.

There is a big different between Mi keo with other types of noodle you buy in the traditional market or supermarket. With Mi keo, you can enjoy the fresh noodle immediately. At the same time, you can admire “Kungfu Mi keo” performance by hand in the traditional way to create soft and yellow noodle.

Some suggested addresses:

  • Thieu Ky noodle shop: 66/5 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 7, District 11
  • Khai Ky Kungfu Mi Keo: 118 Ha Ton Quyen, Ward 4, District 11

Mi keo via Pose.com.vn

Sui cao

Being famous for the road of Sui Cao in Cho Lon, Ha Ton Quyen road (District 11) is always the paradise for those who love the Chinese cuisine.

Sui cao is a new version from “Van Than” or “Hoanh Thanh”. The outside soft flour layer covers round filling inside. The sweet taste of Hoanh Thanh is made from meat and of Sui cao is made from shrimp. A small bowl of Sui cao will make you impressed immediately because in addition to Sui cao, the bowl also has fish balls, pork skin, squid and vegetables. It is enough to make you full. Besides, you can order Sui cao with noodle or the plate of fried Sui cao with shumai soy sauce.

You can visit the 2 following shops:

  • Sui cao Thien Thien: 195 Ha Ton Quyen, Ward 4, District 11
  • Sui Cao Ngoc Y: 187 Ha Ton Quyen, Ward 4, District 11

Sui cao via Foody.vn

Chineses sweet soup

In parallel with other delicious dishes in Cho Lon, Chinese sweet soup or che Tau has a unique color which we cannot confuse with other types of sweet soup in other region. Not only being a normal dessert, Chinese sweet soup is known as a medicine which is very good for health.

The sweet soup in Cho Lon has a natural sweet taste. It is processed with many kinds of herb based on the secret recipe of each shop to create the delicious dishes.

You can try some featured Chinese sweet soups which are easily found in any shop such as Chicken egg sweet soup, Black sesame sweet soup, stewed green papaya, Quy linh cao, Chicken egg and cassava sweet soup, tofu sweet soup with almond, Bo bo sweet soup with squail egg and ginkgo sweet soup.

Some famous Chinese sweet soup shops:

  • Ha Ky shop: 138 Chau Van Liem, Ward 11, District 5
  • Thanh Tam shop: 98 Bui Huu Nghia, Ward 7, District 5
  • Tuong Phong shop: 83 An Diem, District 5
  • Che Tau cot dien: between 2 houses at 476-478 Tran Hung Dao, District 5
  • Nha Den shop: 476-478 Tran Hung Dao B, District 5

Chinese sweet soup via Foody.vn

Ga, vit tiem (Stewed chicken and duck)

The flavor of herbs not only appears in Pha lau or sweet soup but also in the stewed dishes of Chinese as a “catalyst” to stimulate the taste of the diners. There are 2 famous stewed dishes of Chinese: Stewed chicken and duck with Chinese tradictional medicine.

Each bowl of Special duck egg noodle soup is very attractive with a big duck thigh and the special smell of Chinese tradictional medicine. Depended on the demand of each customer, this dish can be served with or without broth. However, the dish without broth is maybe much better to enjoy its taste.

Cho Lon is considered as the “countryside” of Special duck egg noodle soup with many shops along the roads of Nguyen Trai, Huynh Man Dat, Tran Hung Dao and Ha Ton Quyen. You can visit the 2 following shops:

  • Hai Ky: 349-351 Nguyen Trai, Ward 7, District 5
  • Mi vit tiem Hue Vien: 59C Thuan Kieu, Ward 12, District 5

Not only a dish simply, the stewed chicken with Chinese tradictional medicine is a very good medicine for health. This dish is made from chicken which has the black skin and white fur, then stewed with some Chinese tradictional medicine such as ginseng, marmalade, jujube and ginkgo. It should be noted that this is not a easy-to eat dish to someone due to the special smelling of Chinese tradictional medicine, but the chicken is very soft and sweet.

You can enjoy Special duck egg noodle soup at:

  • Shop 77 – Ga Tiem Thuoc Bac: 87 Nguyen Thi, Ward 13, District 5
  • Ga Ac Vinh Quy: 464 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 2, District 5

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