What to do to avoid thieves when traveling?

Sticking a dog house warning sign, without posting information on your social network, will help prevent the burglary from happening to your home.

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Long multi-day journeys can be a desirable event for members in your family, but also a cause for concern. You will have to strain to find a way to pack suitcases with a pile of personal belongings for the whole family, take care of essential paperwork and medicines to prevent illness.

Besides the worry for the safety of the house when the whole family goes away, here are some ways you can apply to trick the bad guys and prevent them from visiting your home.

Close all doors and windows

Sometimes, because of a rush or mind filled with thoughts about the trip, you forget to close a small window. This is a chance for the thieves, because only a small gap for the air to pass through it also makes the window more vulnerable to break.
Therefore, check all doors to make sure they are all sealed.

Do not leave the backup key

Putting a spare key under the flowers, mats, or statues in front of the door is something many people do. But stop there if you have a long trip. The bad guys may know this and they will easily break into your home without losing any strength. You can send keys to relatives or neighbors.

Camouflage “there are still people at home”

You can set some playtime + keep the house safe, alarm is the best way. There are many home security devices that are connected to smartphones to track home from a distance.

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Do not talk about vacation on social networks

This is what many people are suffering from. But know where, the bad guys may be the ones on your friends list. A status line can tell the bad guys your location and your schedule, giving them the opportunity to visit your home.
If you want to show off your trip, do so at the end of your vacation and go home.

“The house has bad dog”

Whether you have a dog or not, put a sign “dog house” at your door. This way is not completely effective, but it partly makes the thief bounce back.

Ask the neighbors looking after the house

Make friends with neighbors and ask them to watch your house when you’re away. If there is a problem at home, you will quickly be notified by the person.

How thieves work

Knowing how thieves work makes it easy to avoid the burglary after a long holiday.

Search for the ideal target

Thieves often choose targets that they think will break in without being detected. The ideal goal is to show signs of no return. Thus, the sign of the person living in the home will be able to deceive the thief. They may be fooled by the light or sound of a radio program (the radio consumes less power than the TV). At night, light and a radio or television makes your family safer. Thieves often look through glass doors or openings and are attracted to valuable items, so move valuables such as TVs and safes into a hidden place. Before traveling, do not forget to close all curtains, windows to avoid the house fell into the sights.
Also, you should not tell about traveling with many people. Colleagues, neighbors, friends know some of your family’s possessions and can take the opportunity to come clean. Even if they do not intend to, word of mouth through other people will increase the possibility of being visited by a thief. Especially, along with the development of social networking, a lot of people updating the status of the family are traveling. This is not a good thing when in fact there have been cases of visiting theft by reading the status line on Facebook.

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Consider obstacles

Most thieves do not look for goals that are too difficult. Homeowners can use barriers to strike psychological theft such as light, alarm and dogs. Turn on a lamp signifying someone in the house making the thief bend over. For example, at the door, you can install the sensor light. These lights are energy efficient and still enough to make thieves startled when approaching the house. The next and most effective way to breed dogs, parachute dogs is a scary threat to petty thieves. If there is no time to breed dogs, many families also apply good tips or hang the sign “House with bad dogs” in front of the door, many thieves also so afraid to stay away. They are never foolish to spend time with a goal with many obstacles.

Understand the surroundings

Thieves once discovered their goals, they never hand out. They will carefully watch the surrounding area such as the police, neighbors, etc. Therefore, if you are going away for a long time, the landlord should be careful to advise relatives, neighbors or local police. Consider the situation of your home.

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