How to make holidays with children ‘easier to breathe’

To make the trip with children becomes memorable, you should let children actively participate in planning with the family, avoid fatigue even when flying. The experiences below will give you some suggestions to make the trip easier and make each experience with children more fun and memorable.

Prepare psychological readiness

Many parents often have the thought of a simple trip as a relaxation to release tension or taking the children to play outside. However, to the children, it is a special experience which can make them impressive and memorable for a long time. Therefore, it is essential to share with the children about the reasons, meaning of the trip, destination or interesting activities.
You can also ask your child’s opinion of where he or she wants to go to show respect and the whole family plans. Make the trip a reward when your child obeys or gains good results. Tell them about the places and activities that the child will participate in to make the child more eager.

This also stimulates curiosity and makes children want to learn more, increase their knowledge of culture, geography, history… In order not to miss those lovely feelings, you can equip your children with notebooks to record their experiences.

Safety knowledge and hazards

One of the most disturbing problems the parents worry when traveling with children is to take children out of danger. For prevention, educate your child about basic hazard perceptions, how to deal with them and get them to better understand where they are coming from, note what should and should not be done.

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Giving children the phone to contact or tag the child’s name and parent’s contact address is also a good way to help children when they need. In preparation for this, you will feel “easier” to manage your baby and help your child feel confident when in trouble.

Let children take initiative

In addition to the necessary supplies for the whole family, encourage children to prepare their own luggage. Choosing costumes and carrying your favorite toys will help them feel more connected with the trip and more responsible.

When traveling with small children, families should arrange lightweight luggage, only carry the necessary supplies to carry the carriage to change the means of transportation and watch the children. The division of luggage according to the purpose and needs of use is also essential so that every time looking for furniture, you will not have to rummage things up.

Memories on flights

The process of lining up for entry or long stay on an airplane, especially with a long flight can make children feel uncomfortable. So share in advance about the flight to prepare children psychology. And if you have to travel on a long flight, you should be prepared in advance of the form of entertainment so that your child can sit still and not feel tired.

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When flying with small children, families should give preference to good airlines instead of low-cost carriers, which makes them more hands-free and comfortable. For example, Emirates always has facilities for families with children, such as their own check-in counter, separate dining table, teddybear and toys for children and a variety of entertainment programs. Young experience. Virgin Australia launches its own passenger cabin in March 2016, with personal care services such as teddy bears, children’s menus, flight attendants and storytellers.

Experiences in the trip

For young children, you should spend a lot of attention so that children feel safe when they arrive. You should also regularly ask how the child feels and express love so that the trip is most complete.

For older children, encouraging them to keep their memories of their trip will help stimulate them to move and get into their journey. The opportunity to travel, meet and talk with people around will also help children to strengthen their ability to communicate and be more active.

Also, let’s take a photo or video of a memorable moment together. This memory will forever be engraved in the minds of children and even “medicine” to relieve stress in family life.

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