Be careful not to be a terrorist victim when traveling

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not share personal information with strangers and avoid talking about beliefs, race or nationality when traveling.

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No one knows the possibility of being a victim of a terrorist attack, but if you are going to a conflict zone, equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need. The notes below can help you even in the country, or abroad.

Ensure personal safety

Before traveling, you should check the list of safe destinations and recommended places to avoid, due to the high risk of persecution. If you do not have internet, you can update information from the embassy, ​​the police or follow the news and the press.

Find out thoroughly before going: Before going to any country, you should study thoroughly to identify the risks. The State Department’s website contains information on the political, social and health situation of each country in the world. They also send warning and travel advice, you should read ahead to grasp the situation.

You should dress appropriately and avoid showing too many tattoos to countries with strict dress code. Try to integrate with the culture of your destination.

When you arrive in a new city, locate the hotel you are staying in, mark all the police stations, hospitals, hotels near the place. This can help you find the nearest shelter when terrorism occurs.

Be careful not to be a terrorist victim when traveling via Thoi Moi

Since planning, choose the straightest flight schedule to avoid having too many connecting flights, because the most tragic terrorist attacks in history are often related to airplanes or airports.

You should also take note of the airports that have good security. The security gate area is the most dangerous place in the airport, so you try to complete the check-in procedure as quickly as possible and to the waiting room.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not share personal information with strangers and avoid talking about beliefs, race or nationality. You also need to avoid wearing national costumes or religious clothing. Many terrorists tend to target citizens of a certain country or religion.

Avoid gathering in large crowds, big events or iconic works of a nation. You should be vigilant if you travel on the holidays of a certain religion.

Always fully charge your phone’s battery, store emergency numbers at your destination.

Identify shady activities and report to authorities.

Keep an eye out for suspicious items, such as handbags, suitcases that may contain bombs … left in the middle of the road. If any unusual item is detected, immediately notify the security personnel and leave the area.

Notify the police if a person carries a weapon such as a gun, knife … or an unauthorized intruder entering a protected area.

Terrorists may also express anxiety before they act. Their expression is to talk too fast, sweat dry or look around non-stop.

If the police and local authorities do not support you, contact the embassy in your home country.

Response to terrorist attacks

When a terrorist attack occurs, you are not injured if the bomb explodes, run out of the area as quickly as possible. The same action if someone is firing on the crowd.

If you can escape without the greater danger, you need to run until you are far from the terrorist zone. If you cannot, you need to find a place to hide under a counter or under a table. A locker or room that can be locked from the inside will be relatively safe, as you are covered by brick walls and sturdy fixtures. Do not forget to turn your phone back to silent mode or turn it off.

Be careful not to be a terrorist victim when traveling via Bao moi

If you cannot hide or run away, lie down, abdomen close to the ground, motionless and pretend like you are dead. You should not try to pick up a weapon or try to rescue someone in the hands of terrorists. If you have a chance, run away or seek shelter.

Contact a tour operator or airline: When encountering terrorist attacks, most people want to leave and return home immediately. It is very difficult to travel massively, contact the tour operator to arrange and have them find your way home.

Maintain contact with the embassy or consulate: Listen to local government guidelines, keep in touch with the embassy or consulate. They will provide you with the latest information on the situation, safety and advice. Cooperated with security forces to find missing persons, reported on the number of injured. In some cases, you may be partially financially supported.

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