9 tips to help you save money when playing in the park

Amusement Park is a great choice for everyone and family whenever traveling. The tips below will help you save money while having fun there.

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1. Do not expect too much

The first thing you do not expect is that it will save a lot of money when you first come to the amusement park for recreation. If you go to the park once or several times a year, the best thing to do is spending money reasonably.

2. Buy multi-day tickets

You should note the incentive packages and fare discounts for major amusement parks (where you can not visit in a day). You can usually choose to buy tickets on a daily basis or buy tickets for several days. It is best to buy a multi-day ticket (for example, a full week) which will save you significantly.

However, it is important to pay attention to the expiration date of the multi-day ticket to take full advantage of your visit and not to miss train and discard the ticket you purchased.

3. Do not over-believe in the online coupons

9 tips to help you save money when playing in the park via Big Air Champoline park

If you search for “Disneyland coupons” on the Internet, you will find a lot of results with attractive offers from online discount coupon sites. However, you must carefully consider the applicable terms as well as the actual fare.

At the same time, you should also check out some online ticketing sites to pick the best fare instead of just one single page. Depending on the time, promotion policies will change.

It is a good idea to buy tickets directly from the park to avoid buying fake tickets, or to pay service fees and additional commission for third parties.

4. Buy tickets in advance for several days

You can buy tickets directly at the park gate. However, if you proactively determine your date of departure and pay for the tickets in advance, the parks will be “very happy” to welcome you.

Many parks offer substantial discounts on online tickets (except Disneyland). If you buy a pre-sale ticket, you usually receive a substantial discount. For example, in the United States, if you purchase your ticket online three days in advance at Six Flags Over Texas, you will receive a $ 20 discount for each ticket. Some parks, such as Kings Dominion, do not require pre-order discounts, but are also reduced by $ 22 if you purchase tickets online during the day.

5. Do not visit on holidays or at the high season

Is it absolutely necessary to visit Disneyland on Christmas day? That is the peak period and you pay $ 124 for one ticket. However, if you choose to visit Disneyland on a midweek day in September, the fare is only $ 97!

A ticket to Universal Studios in Orlando is $ 124 in peak season. If you come here on a crowded day like Halloween, you will have to pay $ 110.

6. Buy discount packages at department stores or supermarkets

9 tips to help you save money when playing in the park via The Penny Hoarder

Using discount packages when shopping at department stores and supermarkets can help you save money, but it is important to choose reputable stores or supermarkets. Valerie Marino, freelance writer for Condé Nast Traveler, said: “If you want to get REDCard to save Disneyland, buy Disney gift cards at stores. My husband and I used this way to buy tickets every year, helping me reduce 5% instead of buying directly. This is not a big savings, but at the expense of Disneyland, the cost of saving can be as much as $ 1,000, so you should try it. “

In the US, grocery chains such as Safeway and Kroger also sell amusement park tickets and gift cards. When combined with a credit card such as an American Express Blue Cash Preferred card, the cardholder can save 6% of the normal price.

7. Choose the suitable meal

Most people like bringing food to eat and many parks also allow visitors to bring snacks. But not all parks allow and many people do not like carrying and holding too much in the entertainment.

A small suggestion for you when choosing a restaurant at the amusement park in a more “economic” way is not to call the accompanying dishes. If you avoid gaining weight, you can order chicken sandwiches without fries, which will save you one or two dollars for each meal, and do not worry about your body getting fat after a fun trip.

Many parks include eating fee in the entrance ticket, such as Disneyland. But author Tom Bricker from the Disney Tourist Blog commented, “Many people have used the Disney Dinner Plan at Walt Disney World for convenience. But the service is complained that it is more expensive because it provides too much food, which does not meet the needs of customers. “

9 tips to help you save money when playing in the park via Kenh 14

8. Track the social channels of the park

To receive notifications about discounted tickets, follow the notifications from your favorite Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channel. The park’s social networking site also updates frequently on special events or quickly announces any incidents that have closed the park.

9. Protect electronic equipment

Many amusement parks have games that force you to go on a boat, cross the waterfall and even make you drowsy when you join. Water, of course, is never a “good friend” of a smartphone so you need to carry a plastic bag that can protect your phone when it comes to these games.

It sounds simple, but this kind of care does not cost you a fortune after the trip if your phone or tablet unfortunately breaks down.

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