6 ways to get a good night’s sleep on the airplane

Choosing a chair near the window of the plane, bringing a sleeping mask, not drinking coffee and informing the crew to know will help you have a good sleep, deep sleep on their long flight.

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No one will think of airplanes when talking about where to have a good sleep. If your flight is shorter than an hour, a good book can make time fly away quickly. But if you have a long flight, it will be very tiring. At this point, sleep is like the best way to keep fit. Here are some ways to get a good night’s sleep on the airplane.

6 ways to get a good night’s sleep on the airplane

1. Select the seat wisely

Passengers are not always able to pick their seats, but if possible choose the seat next to the window. The window seat will help you sleep comfortably without waking up because someone is passing by. You also take the initiative to pull the blinds to adjust the light.
What you need to do is just turn your face in and sleep well.

2. Carry supportive supplies

Neck pillows, eye masks and a thin blanket will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. You can also wear headphones and lull yourself to sleep with a light music.

3. Inform the crew

If you do not want to harass yourself, tell the flight attendants. They will not call you up when it’s time to eat and you’ll have a deep sleep.

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4. Do not drink coffee

Caffeine will make it harder for you to sleep, so avoid using this drink before you board the plane. You should not eat foods that cause allergies or affect the digestive system. They can cause you to have stomachache or continuously go to the toilet.

5. Be polite when pushing your seat back

You want to sleep and only sleep when the seat is pushing back. You can do it but before you politely inform the person sitting behind. It is recommended to lower the chair when informed in advance and certainly no inconvenience or affecting the other person.

6. Set the alarm time

There is nothing worse than hearing the landing message while in good sleep. You should set the alarm time, or ask the person sitting next to wake up at least 30 minutes before landing time.

During that time, you can restore your senses, go to the bathroom and clean up your carry-on items such as books, toys, or tie a thick towel around your neck and adjust your hair.

10 best postures to help you sleep well on the plane

On a long flight, a sleep will help you avoid fatigue. Despite the small space, you can still manage many ways to nap.

  • Head towards the window: The solid fuselage advantage of leaning towards the window is a good posture to sleep. Whether with pillows or not, leaning on the cabin walls always make visitors have a seat to sleep without disturbing anyone.
  • Pillow to table for food tray: This small table is quite solid, so after the meal ends, lay it down and kneel to sleep. However, this position is not suitable for people who are taller than normal, because it can cause spinal pain.
  • Shoulder of the person sitting next to you: The flight is a great place to meet people, and if you and the person sitting next to you are comfortable, do not hesitate to borrow their shoulders for a few hours.
  • Mid-seat: The middle seat is sometimes uncomfortable because it has to share the armrest with the next person, but if it is to sleep, the middle seat is the right place. You will not have to stand up or sit down, or stretch your legs out when someone is out. Some airlines have seats that can adjust the headrest, allowing guests to change positions for comfortable sleep.

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  • Bed Pillow: Even if you are not in the middle of the seat, without the window, there is nothing to stop you napping for a moment, just as you would carry a pillow to support your neck. The C-shaped pillow around your neck will help you sleep well in the airplane seat.
  • Lie on the stool: If you are lucky enough to go on an empty flight, and sit alone, simply fold your arms, place a pillow, and lie back. Note, legs should not be blocking the path between the two rows.
  • Lean back: The lean back will help you fall asleep quickly. Before taking a seat, observe and politely ask the person sitting next to see if it affects them.
  • Tilt the chair: Turn the person to lean on one side of the seat and put your feet on the armrest. This is the perfect posture if you want to sleep and avoid “discomfort” from the next person. However, sleeping this way is not polite, as it can hinder the path.
  • Fetal position posture: This posture can only be performed in small and supple body.
  • Foot rests on the back of the chair: This is a posture that should only be applied if you are a close friend. This posture also applies best when you are sitting near a window.

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