3-day-2-night schedule for the trip in Nghe An (P2)

>>3-day-2-night schedule for the trip in Nghe An (P1)

Day 2: Bao Nham Stone Church – Pu Mat National Park – Khe Kem Waterfall – Phu Lai Dam – Truong Son Pottery Village

Continue your journey straight to Pu Mat National Park – a pristine forest reserve that has never been touched by human hands. The Thai people in particular have lived here for many generations. The majestic unspoilt nature of the Pu Mat forest is mixed with the unique culture, sophistication of the Thai people.

Traveling to Pu Mat nature reserve, you cannot miss to go to Khe Kem Waterfall – a beautiful waterfall with majestic altitude of 150 m. The road to the waterfall is so winding, but it is worth when you have the opportunity to see the water falling down like a white silk band flying in the green of forests, which makes you forget tired tired.

On the way back, you can stop at Pha Lai Dam, experience a boat ride on Giang River, stroll through the pristine forest or admire the

Bao Nham Stone Church via Vietnam Architecture

Nuoc Moc Stream (also known as Ron Co Tien – the fairy’s navel)… you will feel small in nature between heaven and earth. If you have time, you can visit the Thai village to learn and experience their life. It is also an interesting thing for your trip.

The last destination of the day is Tru Son pottery village, located 20 km from Do Luong town (Nghe An province) to the southeast. Tru Son is a favorite stopping point for anyone who loves ceramic products when they have the opportunity of coming to the West of Nghe An. Unlike Bat Trang or Hoi An ceramics for kings, Tru Son ceramics are simple. They are simly pots and tolls to cook Chinese tradictional medicine which are familiar in everyday life.

Day 3: Sen Village – Tham Om Cave – Muong Thanh Diem Lam Ecological Park

From Vinh city, following Highway 46A, about 15km, turning to the road with many eucalyptus and casuarina trees, you come to Sen village (Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district). Coming here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the house that Uncle Ho and his family have lived in, and in here, it brings you a childhood memory that is hard to find in urban life.

Leaving Sen Village, you will see Tham Om Cave (in Thai language, it means Big Cave) which is located in Quy Chau district, Nghe An province. Tham Om Cave was formed in about 20,000 years ago and the archaeologists discovered the ancient Vietnamese existed here. The beauty of the Tham Om Cave brings you back from the excitement of admiring the cool caves and the opportunity to learn about the ancient Vietnamese.

Tham Om Cave via Violet

The next point that visitors may do not have a lot of information about is the Muong Thanh Dien Lam Ecological Zone (Muong Thanh Safari Land), a large ecoregion with an area of ​​up to 300 ha, located in Dien Lam Commune (Dien Chau), only 60km from Vinh City. At this point you will be spoiled for exploring many rare animals such as lions, white tigers and black bears … which are endangered and now put under the conservation and care of the zoo.

Not only that, the water park next door is also the place for you to all things you like. With the extremely attractive slider tube system such as skid steer, super slider and multi-lane slipway… which are equipped with European standards, you will quickly get caught up in the game of cool water and forget the time.

When you return, do not forget to buy specialties of Nghe An as gifts for friends and family, with dishes such as Thanh Chuong salty fibrous jackfruit, Nam Dan soy sauce, Cua Lo fish sauce or sesame rice paper. After this tour in Nghe An, not only do you have an enjoyable experience of nature in Nghe land, you also may want to return to this place.

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