10 things you should not do when being on a plane

Wearing contact lenses, using airplane headphones and drinking carbonated drinks is a health risk for you when being on a plane.

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Wear contact lenses

Contact lenses will dry your eyes. Combined with dry air inside the aircraft, the eyes become more uncomfortable. That is why you should wear glasses when going on long flights. You also need to bring eye drops to take care of your eyes.

Supplementing your contact lens wear with lubricating eye drops that are safe to use with contacts may help. In addition, the contact lens cleaning and disinfecting products you use should be evaluated, as different products may work better to keep your contacts moist and comfortable.

Wear ear muffs

Your ears become buzzing when the airplane takes off and landed due to pressure differences. The first thing people do is to try to keep your ears from being covered by ear muffs, but this does not work. You can still reduce your chance of having tinnitus by chewing gum, occasionally opening your mouth, inhaling and then exhaling the nose to allow air to escape from the ear.

10 things you should not do when being on a plane via Xoang bach phuc

Get on a plane with a stuffy nose

A stuffy nose will create higher pressure for your ears and may lead to injury. Of course, nobody asks you to stay home for the flu, stuffy nose, but in case you’re still traveling by plane, remember to bring nose drops to use before the plane takes off and land. In addition, sinusitis and osteoarthritis are very dangerous when traveling. If you cannot cancel your flight, see your doctor for more specific advice.

Sit down silently

When being on a plane, your blood circulation will be slower and sitting without moving will increase the likelihood of platelet thrombosis. Follow these steps to avoid danger: Stand up and walk a short distance in the passenger compartment, get comfortable clothes to move, take off your shoes while flying, practice some exercise occasionally, for example, go tiptoe to move tiptoes and heel.

Drinking Carbonated Drinks

The carbonated beverages and foods are another factor that increases the pressure and makes you uncomfortable. Carbonated drinks stimulate this process so you should not eat or drink such items to avoid flatulence, such as brown bread, beans and apples.

10 things you should not do when being on a plane via Kenh y hoc duy nhat duoc kiem duyet

Choose a back seat when you are sick

When there are signs of illness, you should not sit in the back of the aircraft as well as other means of transportation. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, you should choose the front seat or near the wing. The day before the flight is also a sensitive time, you pay attention to the food which should not be fried, too much fat, do not drink alcohol.

Abuse alcohol drinks

Passengers on airplanes should not abuse alcohol drinks for a variety of reasons. First, airplanes have very dry air, which increases the water loss in the body. Second, alcohol makes oxygen saturated in the blood weaker, leading to weariness and drowsiness. There is also the opinion that people are drunk faster when drinking alcohol on a plane. It is better not to drink alcohol before and during flight or to drink as little as possible.

Touch surrounding things

10 things you should not do when being on a plane via Hows.vn

Airplanes are the shelter of so many kinds of bacteria. Passengers may leave behind dirty things in the back of a chair, or at the table. Not after the flight, the plane is also sanitary so bacteria can “migrate” to your hands. So, do not touch anything unnecessarily, if possible, bring cotton sheets with alcohol to wipe.

Use your phone on airplanes

Do not try to post photos while on the plane. Signals from your device may interfere with the navigation system’s antenna, and pilots may not be able to receive information from air traffic controllers.

Use the Airplane’s Headphones

The headphones you hear when flying are not new, although they are always wrapped in plastic bags. Between flights, the used earphones will be cleaned and repackaged. However, this cleaning does not completely clean the headphones so using them will not be safe for your ears, bring yourself a headset to use when flying.

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