Statue of Buddha in Ong Nui Pagoda – the largest sitting Buddha statue of Southeast Asia in Binh Dinh

With the height of 69m, the statue of Ong Nui Pagoda is considered the highest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia today.

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About the Statue of Buddha in Ong Nui Pagoda

After more than two years of construction, the statue of Ong Nui Pagoda in Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province was basically completed and open to people to visit and worship.

According to Binh Dinh, this project was started in 2009, divided into several phases. The first phase of the project consists of four large construction works completed in 2016, including key works of the statue of Buddha. According to the Linh Phong Management Board Spiritual Project, the Buddha statue is 69 m height, including the foot statue height of 15 m. All are cast in reinforced concrete in place.

On the middle of the mountain, at an altitude of 129 m above sea level, overlooking the East Sea, the Buddha rests on the highest mountain in the Nui Ba relic complex. At the foot of the statue is the Center of Buddhist sermon and the Arhat corridor, Buddhist library, Museum of relics Buddha, where visitors worship.

Statue of Buddha in Ong Nui Pagoda via chua Quang Minh Ben Tre

13 taboos must remember when visiting the Statue of Buddha in Ong Nui Pagoda

1. Dress up simply when you go to the temple
The pagoda is a peaceful place where the visitors should not wear too short dress, short pants, and shorts or open clothing. Instead, you should choose the courteous, simple to suit the style of the temple.

2. Wear footwear on Phat duong Tam bao
This is the taboo by the Buddha and Tam bao is very sanctuary because it is the place of cloves and incense. At the same time, do not talk noisily and affect the Buddhist atmosphere.

3. Bring many objects to Tam bao on pilgrimage
When entering Tam bao for Buddha worshiping, personal items should be cumbersome outside.

4. Absolutely not enter the middle gate
According to the concept of the Buddha, the central door is dedicated to the Buddha and the Mothers, Monsignor. So go to the temple should go from two side door.

5. Do not kneel or stand in the middle of the main palace
When you come to the temple for blessing or offering incense, you should not stand or kneel in the middle of the Buddha. According to the rules of the temple, the central location is for the abbot of the temple. You should stand aside to not make taboos when going to the temple.

6. Burn incense and joss papers in the temple
If you do this in the altar, it is one of the 13 taboos when going to the temple. Do not conceive to burn incense and joss papers in the sacred new temple. This can affect the Buddha, even causing fire.

7. Set up the non-vegeterian foods in the main area
The seventh of the 13 prohibitions when going to the temple is to place the non-vegeterian foods in the main hall. In this area, it only accepts the vegetarian food. At the pagoda, you can still offer the non-vegeterian food but only at the altar worship area of the monsignor, the Mother God or the other altar. Avoid sacrificing at the main area because this action is considered to be unclean in the purity.

Statue of Buddha in Ong Nui Pagoda via UBND Huyện Phù Cát tỉnh Bình Định

8. Use or bring something of the pagoda to home
Mass offerings are given by the people visting the pagoda. The fact that you take something from the pagoda without the permission is a great mistake. Therefore, when going to the temple, absolutely do not move anything of the pagoda when you are not allowed.

9. Causing disorder, noisy in the Buddha land
When going to the temple, you should keep order and observe the rules in the temple. Do not run, do not talk loud and do not affect the impact on the Buddha land. At the same time the behavior in the temple must be decent. No action or words affecting the Buddha is allowed.

10. Unreachable travel around the Buddha statue
According to the concept of the temple, only go around the statue of the Buddha as the ceremony and must go from right to left, just go to recite “Amitabha Buddha”, not to go around.

11. The concept that all things in the temple are free to use
This is a misconception and taboo when going to the temple. The merit of sacrifice is the heart of each person. However, when using the temple service or eating, you should pay the small money as donation.

12. Free video shooting
The temple is a place to worship Buddha, you offer incense and can save the photos at the temple. However, it is absolutely not possible to pose in the unusual style which is not suitable in the pagoda.

13. Bring too much joss papers when coming to the temple
Do not bring too much joss papers to worship in the temple. Cash is not put on the altar of the Buddha, instead, put into the donation box.

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