Best time to travel Lan Ha bay

A gorgeous Lan Ha bay in the summer

Many people see Lan Ha is beautiful most in summer, but others say the best time in here is autumn. Let’s explore the different beauties of Lan Ha with us.

Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha bay has an area of over 7,000 hectares highlighted by the spectacular beauty of 400 islands lying densely with all shapes and sizes. Unlike Halong bay, all the islands in Lan Ha bay are fully covered with green trees, even if they are just the tiny islands.

Lan Ha is a peaceful sea with small fishing villages as separating from the rest of the world. Under the peaceful island clusters, there are many floating areas raising the local specialties such as blue mussel, geo-ducks, crab, abalone, etc.

Lan Ha in summer

Summer in Lan Ha is very attractive. The sunshine color from the blue sky shining down combines with the beautiful landscapes of the white sandy beaches, the green mountains, the blue water, and the colorful sails of La Pinta Lan Ha bay cruises which is the best one in Lan Ha, creating a picture as water painting, making Lan Ha bay more beautiful and fanciful. This experience will bring you the funny and unforgettable memory on summer days. However, you should not be here from August to October when it is raining because it will be not convenient for the trip.

Bathing in beaches

Having fun on the beaches is definitely indispensable in the summer. In the summer, when the weather is quite hot, tourists will want to enjoy the airy space of this place on the La Pinta cruise sundeck and join in the sea, and when coming here in summer they can participate in many activities such as diving to see coral reefs, kayaking, etc.

Beaches in Lan Ha (

Lan Ha has 139 small, lovely, and pristine golden sandy beaches as the “blue straits” inviting tourists to explore. Many sandy beaches stretch between two rocky mountains. They are very quiet with no big waves and really the ideal beach. Deeper in the blue water is the colorful coral reefs in beaches such as Van Boi and Van Ha, etc. The quiet sea in the islands such as Sen island, Cu island, Monkey island, etc, is also where visitors can dive to admire the coral.

Climbing mountains

Those who like adventure can join the mountain climbing program in the bay. Tourists will climb to the top of the cliffs on the islands and then jump to the clear blue water. It is really an interesting feeling that travelers should not miss – to overcome themselves.

Exploring caves

By small boat, tourists can go through the canyon of the limestone mountains in the bay to visit the majestic caves, and then rest on the sandy beaches such as Vem golf, Tung Gau cave, Luon cave, Cat Dua beach, etc. The cool breath of the stalactite caves with the fresh water will make tourists delectable under the sunlight of summer.

Lan Ha in autumn

Enjoying weather

Seeing Lan Ha from La Pinta cruise sundeck (

If you are looking for a romantic and peaceful destination for the autumn that is not far from Hanoi, Lan Ha bay is a perfect choice. When it turns to autumn, the weather in Lan Ha bay becomes much more beautiful. The sunshine is gentle with the cool breeze of the ocean, giving visitors the feeling of completely freshness in each breath, so that visitors can conveniently enjoy the relaxation when admiring the beaches on the La Pinta luxury cruise. The scenery of Lan Ha bay is like a paradise with small rock islands, soft white sandy beaches, floating houses, small boats of fishermen, and crystal clear water, etc.

Discovering daily life

With the cool climate of autumn, visitors can sail to discover Cai Beo floating village located near Beo wharf, Cat Ba town, to see and hear the sounds of small boats going through, to watch the boats fishing squid with several sparkling electric lights hanging on the bamboo poles every night.

Besides, visitors can take part in some other recreational activities such as biking in the village. La Pinta will take guests to Viet Hai wharf by boat, then they can rent a bike or motorbike at the wharf about 6 kilometers through a beautiful jungle to visit Viet Hai fishing village which is located in Cat Ba National Forest. People here live a separate and peaceful life between the mountains by fishing, raising vegetables, rice, and poultry, etc.

Biking in Viet Hai fishing village (


From Lan Ha bay cruises, guests can go kayak to discover the bay with hundreds of small islands, stop at a small white sandy beach to walk barefoot on the sand. It is great to swim under the clear green water as an emerald or sunbathe on the white beach. In the midst of the peaceful nature, there are only the sounds of the waves pounding on the sand and the birds singing on the tree branches.

Whether at any given point of time, Lan Ha bay is still attractive with its own uniqueness and beauty. If you’re planning a Lan Ha bay trip, a La Pinta cruise vacation will be very perfect. Hope to see you soon because serving you is our honor. Thank you.